The ETP Association strives to serve society through the improvement of management ability, intelligence and human relationships, to help serve the development of human ability, and to provide care for a healthier mind and spirit.

Description of Our Trial Kit

Our Trial Kit is only sold to non-members. With this kit you can casually experience various types of energy we introduce on our website.

A simple questionnaire is all we ask from you after you have purchased the kit. We will never actively encourage you to join us.

Once you know the various effects of ETP energy, you will surely make them your Magic Tools for success!

CD-R:Record the music of your choice, as the blank CD-R does not play back, and therefore no energy is released. If you cannot make a recording yourself, we will record the music that we regularly use.

MP3:You need to create your own MP3 file. We will send you the directions as to how to create a file and how to send/receive music at the time of your purchase. If you have trouble creating a file, we will deliver you the file that we regularly use.