The ETP Association strives to serve society through the improvement of management ability, intelligence and human relationships, to help serve the development of human ability, and to provide care for a healthier mind and spirit.

What can you use the energy for?

You can apply it to anything.

The energy can be applied to many aspects. If put into some main categories, they would be 'physical health','mental health' and 'social life'. Modern people appear to be enjoying a comfortable life supported by rich civilizations. However, in fact many of them hold dis-ease in their body and mind. In addition, they have problems of relationship and money. In any case, there is pure energy that is believed to solve or alleviate the negative symptoms and there are products that allow us to make use of such energy with ease.

We provide you with the energy.

Although we cannot see the energy, we know how it works by our experience that it can be controlled by our consciousness, that it can be passed on to others, and that it can be imbued with in matters. ETP places more emphasis on its utilization than on theoretical clarification. The ETP directors can create the energy; therefore, they can provide it to their members.

Just surrender yourself to the energy.

The timing of appearance of effect, the process of its unfolding and the timing of accomplishment vary depending on the actual condition of the person who uses the energy and on his/her purpose, so it is not possible to explain in a single uniform way. However, but it is sufficient for the users of the CD to listen to it once a day for about thirty minutes. You may be conscious of your purpose, but just surrender yourself to the energy without thinking how it should be. I would venture to say : just follow your inspiration. The problem will be on the way to be solved by the support you get from your relations in various ways, such as words communicated by others, information from magazines and TV, etc. And it could be an inspiration itself.


The effect of each energy product

[Better and better]

Very popular [Better and better]
In spite of its humorous name, it brings favorable changes to your life, not only in the physical and psychological aspects, but also financially and in business. Physically, it aims at a smooth blood circulation. Psychologically, it aims at helping the thought process get out of the never-ending cycle of illusionary anxiety into which it is it stuck by letting it out of such cycle. Economically and financially, the energy is set to bring a new relationship and awareness by creating an unexpected path in front of you.
Even for those who think they have no anxiety, they will feel supported by something.

[Creamy Papa]

The energy which improves your inner aspect through high usability is [Creamy Papa]
Various illnesses and dis-eases result from the hardening of body muscular structure. Therefore, this is the energy which is put into such thoughts with the purpose to relieve muscle tension, to stretch body framework, and to warm up blood vessels. There have been comments from people who say that they have woken up refreshed when taking the product before going to bed.


Aladdin is an expansive Energy and, as such, it is is applied not only for health issues in general but also for business.
Members can set the purpose and the object person easily and freely, so it is popular for body workers who have many clients and for entrepreneurs who have a wide variety of business.


[SOS] is a valuable energy which is used for critical moment in social life.
"I can face any challenging situation while remaining big-hearted." Since it is meant for critical situations, some small sacrifices may need to be spared. We recommend that it not be used unless there is a reason to do so since this is the rescue energy used for urgent matters.

[Human relations]

If you would like to improve your relation. [Human relation] is there for you. You will create a good relationship without even being aware of it and such relationship will grow.

[Come, Life Partner ! ]

For those who wish to marry or have a lover, [Come, Life Partner ! ] is prepared not for creating a simple marriage tie but for meeting your soul partner or someone with the same sense of values as you. It brings you and your future partner physically closer, and your actions will be followed by the actual tie. The name may sound just fine, but its energy is not to be taking lightly but for meeting your life partner.

There is an energy series called [Giant Tuna Energy]. Its name is a metaphor to refer to a raw ingredient for cooking which can be processed (setting a purpose) to a certain extent by the member, so we did not put any particular purpose into it. They are Aladdin, Super Luck, Sympathy, and Miracle.

The medium in which the energy is imbued with is nopal, or cactus paddles, from Mexico, CDR, MP3, etc. Please refer to the energy list for details and call or write us with queries.