The ETP Association strives to serve society through the improvement of management ability, intelligence and human relationships, to help serve the development of human ability, and to provide care for a healthier mind and spirit.

What is ETP *(Consciousness)Energy Technique Principles*

The name ETP derives from "Energy Technique Principles."

ETP Association(hereafter abbreviated as 'ETP')quests for Consciousness Energy Principles. The organization aims to make social contributions by developing various abilities throught its applications in fields as diverse as intelligent advancement, mental health, improvement of human relations, healing, business operations, and business management.

We help you to develop yourself through your job, your home, and your housework at each social stage by broadening your perspective on intuitive and conscious capabilities in a social setting.

Although ETP is an organization that focuses on the invisible consciousness energy, there are no religious principles,commandments, or rituals as it is not a religious organization. Since the association is not related to any specific religions or religious beliefs, we simply consider that anyone-irrespective of their religion-can benefit from an improvement in their knowledge and ability of the consciousness energy. In addition, its practice does not require any ascetic training.

We teach each person to identify the energy and to acquire the ability through a simple method so that he/she can obtain it through his/her daily social life. We recognize a person's aspirations to contribute to society while he/she maintains mental and physical health and develops socioeconomic infrastructures.

Energy Products

First, we would like you to feel the energy world through energy products by using them like an zimmer frame in the intuitive world. Your surroundings will gradually begin to change through the energy products. Moreover, you may start to experience an intuition (some sort of inspiration or scintillation) which-as long as it is not denied with fixed concepts (perceived notions) or self-limitations-will allow you to explore various other possibilities.

Gradually you will be receiving a number of intuitions and serendipities directly from"Vast Consciousness"if you eliminate negative concepts and trauma.

Mental Attitude

Because it is a matter of mentality, ETP does not make any particular references regarding the mental attitude but our members have the following concepts. In order to integrate with"Vast Consciousness ,"it is necessary to purify the subconscious awareness that lies between the overt consciousness and the vast consciousness. For such occasions, a person should endeavor to wash away his/her own trauma and negativity-filled inanimate body as well as to dissipate his/her stress. A person should strive to stay positive for conception (overt consciousness).

Conciousness and refrain from negative behaviors such as the need to assign blame, harbor feelings of jealousy, depression, envy, regret, or otherwise engage in conduct that is negligent, pretentious, treacherous or offensive.

Instead, the person should endeavor pursue happiness, cooperation, justice, fairness, sincerity, bravery, affection, modesty, and appreciation. The person should also maintain hope. It is in this manner that an individual can hold on to the resulting image by asserting his/her.

Eligibility for Membership

Adults with responsible capability who are recognized by our membership agreements (stated separately) after their attempt of the"Trial Set of ETP"will be eligible for membership. Any ordinary adult with no special abilities or experiences may qualify. In fact, anyone with no special abilities or experiences may qualify.


ETP does not treat modern medicine as unimportant. Although we consider that modern medicine should be the top priority, we would like to get rid of any physical discomfort that we may experience even when no disease has been diagnosed by using modern medicine .

In addition, we continue to challenge to approch for the healing clue even when no disease has been diagnosed by using modern medicine through the use of alternative methods even in cases where modern medicine imposes some limitations.

Anyone interested in receiving these healing methods or learning the techniques, is asked to contact ETP.

Religious Beliefs

Although ETP deals with invisible powers, it does not endorse any religion whatsoever. Therefore, if you are an adherent of a particular religion, i.e. a Buddhist, a Christian, or a Muslim, you can give your religion top priority and participate as much as you can.

However, our techniques are based mostly on Shinto religion often and are related to the traditional Japanese technique of ancient times ; therefore, when the energy is executed, the applied techniques shed light on a more recent point of view.

Naturally, such application is not related to any religious principles or restrictions. We would like you to believe that it is simply a technical matter for our activity.

Furthermore, although you might face a question like: "How would you interpret a god worshiped at a shrine or the principal image of Buddha in a temple as energy?" Such question merely addresses the energy aspects and it is calls for an interpretation with different angles for ordinary religious subjects.

The approach can be described in terms of how we can bring out a specific power to improve our lives in the real world.


Installation is about session (technique) by which a practicing director installs all sorts of energy directly into human beings without using the medium products.

Since we install the conscious energy into "body/mind/soul"of humans, who are considered the most complex being on this planet, the capacity and the working software of the energy are prepared all "unique" for each individual. Thus, the energy works either at your will or of its own accord when necessary.

It is a prerequisite that you have received the energy called Instruction (CD-R, DVD, and Installation),t so you can get the energy that fits your purpose from "Vast consciousness" as much as you need when necessary.

The kinds of energies which you can install are almost the same as the products, but since they are uniquely prepared for each individual, they are original by its nature. * The tuna energy is not available for Installation (Aladdin, Super Luck, Sympathy and Miracle)

There is [Cross Brain] which is the energy by Installation and which is not available as product. The medium product has a limit to its capacity and it is not capable of carrying enough information and energy which can realize the perfect effectiveness.

There are two types of Installation. One is "Face-to-face Installation," which is carried out where both practicing director and recipient are at the same place, like a venue of our lectures. The other is "Remote Installation," which is carried out by phone and Skype, with each side being in a different place . Please feel free to contact us for either type of Installation.