ETP Association Constitution

Article 1. General Rules

Section 1. Name and Location of Office

This body shall be known by the name of Energy Technique Principles Association (hereafter abbreviated as ETP) and its office shall be located at 11-12, Minoh 3-chome,, Minoh City, Osaka, Japan.

Section 2. Purposes of Establishment

ETP shall explore the principles of conscious energy, develop its application technology, and thereby widely contribute to human beings. At the same time, it shall aim to contribute to society by enhancing human intelligence, providing mental care, improving human relationships, healing illness, improving management ability and developing various types of ability through the application of conscious energy.

Section 3. Goals

ETP shall provide its members opportunities for study and training, as well as the energy necessary to carry out such study and training.

Section 4. Organization

ETP shall be organized by members who support the purposes of this Association.

Section 5. Business

ETP shall engage in the following business in order to achieve its purposes as stipulated in Section 2:

  1. Study and training of abilities and inspirations
  2. Teaching (instruction and installation) of abilities and inspirations
  3. Information collection and disclosure regarding human abilities
  4. Sale of products in which human abilities are applied

Article 2. Membership

Section 6. Qualification

ETP shall have the right to make any individual who supports the purposes of ETP, as stipulated in Section 4, to be a member of the Association.

Section 7. Membership Application Process

Any individual who satisfies the stipulation in the previous Section shall provide requested information in the designated application form and submit it to the Association together with the necessary fees.

Section 8. Acquisition of Membership Status

The member shall acquire his membership status upon the Association’s recognition of his membership following the application process stipulated in the previous Section.

Section 9. Loss of Membership Status

The member shall lose his membership status in the following cases:

  1. The member has passed away and the Association considers that he has been rendered void of all his energy.
  2. The member has been removed from the list of members.
  3. The member has failed to pay the necessary fees.

Section 10. Cancellation of Membership

Any member shall be able to cancel his/her membership at any time at his/her own will and based on his/her own reasons.

Section 11. Principle of Equality

All members shall share equal rights and duties under this Constitution, and in no circumstances shall they have their memberships divested due to their race, religion, nationality, gender and status.

Section 12. Management

ETP shall be managed by the Board of Directors.

Section 13. Lectures

ETP shall organize lectures as a part of its activities. Any individual, regardless of membership status, shall be free to participate in such lectures.

Section 14. Lectures

The Board of Directors shall determine the organization of lectures.

Section 15. Content of Lectures

The content of the lectures organized by ETP shall not be limited as long as it is pursuant to ETP’s  purposes.

Section 16. Lecturers

The lecturers of the lectures organized by ETP shall, in principle, be ETP Directors or Instructors. Alternatively, an individual who does not belong to ETP, shall be invited by the Board of Directors to give a lecture.

Section 17. Tentative Board of Directors

The Board of Directors shall be comprised of an ETP Representative and four individuals who are sealed with energy.

Section 18.Operation Contract

The Association shall contract its business operations, if deemed necessary, out to ETP Co., Ltd. and K.K. Kansai Matsushin.

Section 19. Enactment, Amendment and Repeal of the Constitution

The adoption for enactment, amendment or repeal of this Constitution shall be agreed upon by no less than two-thirds majority of the Directors who are present at a Board of Directors meeting.

Section 20. Bylaws

The bylaws necessary for the execution of this Constitution shall be stipulated separately.

Section 21. Ambiguous Interpretation of Constitution

If ambiguity arises in the interpretation of this Constitution, the Board of Directors shall make a decision on the interpretation in question.

This Constitution was created and resolved by Yoshitaka Nakama, ETP Association Representative, and the president of ETP Company Limited. , and the four Directors of the ETP Association who are sealed with energy, Toshitaka Nakasato, Yoshikazu Kitagawa, and Seiji Suganohara, on November 20, 2001.