The ETP Association strives to serve society through the improvement of management ability, intelligence and human relationships, to help serve the development of human ability, and to provide care for a healthier mind and spirit.

Glossary for the frequently used terminology at ETP

Vast Consciousness

It is thought that our consciousness is independent from each other, but in fact people's subconscious is interconnected on a deeper level (or on a higher dimension) and our "consciousness" is also a part of a whole "vast consciousness." As Jung referred to it as "collective unconscious," it is where human wisdoms are stored.


The influence, working, wisdom, information and will of this "vast consciousness" in order for the humans to evolve(change and improve) is called energy. Vast consciousness has such power that guides us to a healthier, happier way of living, just like the branches and leaves of the trees grow toward the sun and their roots penetrate the earth toward the water vein. We have all experienced brief moments sensing this energy when we have been relaxed, calm and self-less, and in those times when we have been absorved in and concentrating on something. ETP offers a place for training as well as the products for the members to obtain this energy when necessary.

Various sorts of energy

It is about the sorts of energies which are categorized by purpose needed by the members. It is possible to master the methods to get energy from "vast consciousness" yourself if you go through the training of mind, but it would not be easy for the general public to undergo the trainings due to the affairs of daily lives. The ETP directors provide you with the energy you require in the form of energy products in which the energy is imbued with. We are hopeful that you will enjoy its effects.

Energy product

These are products for sale containing the medium which energy is imbued with. You can activate the energy by eating energy-filled health foods, playing audio materials (MP3s, CD-Rs), or by using any of the others.

Medium of energy

For the directors to pass on to the members the energies they have created, "Installation" is one way to do it directly. Another way would be to imbue the "matter" with the energy. The "matter" which energy is imbued with is called "medium".


It is about a session (administration) offered by our directors to makes the connection between individual and vast consciousness clearer. It is through such Instruction that you will obtain the ability to use ETP energy.
(Additional explanation) By using the technique called "connecting the chests", you can exchange energy with a third person or an object, so you can heal him/her and imbue the object with it. Both our consciousness and unconsciousness are connected to "vast consciousness" by nature so we are let be alive ; however, our daily habits, egos, and traumas have been interrupting its smooth flow causing various problems. It is the energy which brings about the smooth flow of 'vast consciousness' and of the members 'consciousness by exercising the ability of ETP's directors.

Original energy

By considering the members'conditions, we prepared the energy product containing the medium which is imbued with each sort of energy, and is uniquely prepared to suit the needs of the individual. Because the capacity of medium has a limit and we imbue the energy by adjusting and checking its effects and level of improvement, we use the audio material (which is effective for a short period), nopal and health foods as medium.


Ko-shinto is not the Jinja-shinto which prevails these days, nor is it the state-sanctioned Shinto made by those in power after the Meiji Period. Ko-shinto is a Japanese ancient wisdom which arose from the profound insights into the mysteries and laws of great nature and universe, and from the reverence and gratitude for what was felt from them.

Forces of resistance

One of the works of subconsciousness is homeostasis. In ETP we call it "forces of resistance" to the change. For example, we physically try to maintain our body temperature constant by sweating and lowering it when it is hot, and by shivering and raising it when it is cold. Such a process is also observed in human's psychology. For example, if you have sent the wrong messages to your subconscious such as "Money is dirty" and "Fortune brings about misfortune", you will try to remain poor even if there is a chance of making money or if there is a fortune just in front of you as you unintentionally avoid it. Marriage blue is another example. It is the resistance to the change of environment. In our mind and subconscious, there is a force of resistance like "inertial law" which we learnt about in the physics class in high-school and which tries to maintain the current situation. There are the methods to improve "force of resistance" to "reformer" in psychology too, but ETP tries to improve our lives by providing favorable energy information to the subconscious mind.


It is about a session in which the director installs the energy directly into the members without using the medium.


Synchronicity is the phenomenon that makes your thoughts coincide with social events or matters.. According to Jung, it is "the events that are casually unrelated, occurring together in a meaningful manner". It is about "meaningful coincidence". After having Instruction, it has been observed that the synchronicities happen frequently. Consequently, you need to take responsibility for maintaining positive thoughts, for example of your success and the happiness of others.


It is about being aware of the truth in your heart without the need for an explanation or verification. We regard it as information of "Vast Consciousness".


It is about the ability by which one accidentally stumbles upon something unexpected, something fortunate.