We store up various information and knowledge using our consciousness, or with the help of energy, but in spite of our wealth of knowledge, it is hard to carry out actions. Without actions, we are just being knowledgeable and cannot improve ourselves.

This happens because our mind is hardened due to the failures and successes of the past. That is, our fear or arrogance stops our actions. To quote proverbs, we become "once bitten, twice shy" from failure, and we end up failing after a success because "a fool's memory can hold only one thing."

You need to break the shell that constrains you to achieve growth. If you can outgrow yourself, getting rid of your old shells made of rigid beliefs, suggestions, stereotyped ideas, outdated values and common sense, you will be able to make full use of your potential.

There are various techniques and types of energy for outgrowing this. We created this energy, Outgrowing, is one way to enable you to do this. It assists you to objectively watch yourself, just like you observe other people, so that you can properly shape yourself and grow on your own for the future.