Showers Bring Flowers
Our lives are so colorful that it is often said that truth is stranger than fiction. Even when we solve one problem with the power of energy, we will soon have another problem.
However, the present is the result of actions in the past. How we solved our problems in the past - whether we evaded them, or made a compromise for a temporary solution, or made a great sacrifice for a fundamental solution - has resulted in the present and determined the future direction. It is no good being persistent in trivial matters without any compromise, or losing the way to go by sparing any sacrifice.

It seems that the Vast Consciousness throws these endless hardships at us to toughen us up. We say "April showers bring May flowers." Let us not get disturbed by hardships and instead take them as a challenge to train ourselves.
We know that there is no end to our hardships. There is no need to be depressed by them or elated when you have overcome them. Rather, let us have various experiences so that we can grow to be more noble, better people.
This energy offers courage when you have a problem, and cautions you against too much elation when you overcome it.

This energy does not make you "at ease" all the time, nor does it give you more peace than necessary; it lets you experience meaningful hardships. All our energy products were created based on this uniform philosophy, but this energy is perfect if you are hungry for challenge.