Throng of Customers
In order to respond to customer needs in a timely manner you need to anticipate their needs even before you ask about them, and to have the rapport with them, as well as the ability to satisfy their requests. Also, each shop has its own atmosphere and some shops are more welcoming than others.

This energy, Throng of Customers, is a mixture of two types of energy: One type makes it easier for you to anticipate customer needs by enhancing your observation ability toward them and by increasing your inspiration. The other type enables customers to feel comfortable in your shop environment.
Also, you may have the following issues regarding your business: What do you want to sell? Why do you want to sell it? How do your customers get satisfaction when they purchase from you?

What are the possible reasons customers do not purchase from you? Even though you have excellent products, you cannot sell them if your customers do not know about them. Then, how can you advertise such products? We also included the type of energy that brings in inspiration and information to solve all these issues.

Take this energy, and get back to the original idea of your business. Think hard and deep. Catch your inspiration, think about your human relationships, and listen to the information that comes to you. If you are not trapped in your narrow thoughts and can be flexible about new ideas, this energy will prove to be very effective.