Custome Made

Only One for Trial Use

Only One for Trial Use-to fight illness

The energy sample for trial use before you decide to oder custom-made energy.
Custom-made energy is strongly recommended to fight illness or to be liberated from adverse circumstances.
First try this sample before you order Only One, our custom energy.

For any kind of illness, we recommend that you first try treatment practiced by modern medicine. However, if you have ongoing discomfort and your symptoms do not improve in spite of the latest
Medical treatment, it may be a good idea to try healing by power of our energy.
We create custom energy, Only One to Trial Use, according to your circumstances, effective for 45 days trial. This will provide you with an opportununity to consider the use of our energy.

Provide us with as much information as possible when you order.

We will decline your order when your illness is deemed to be easily treated by modern medical practice or medication. We will also decline your order if ETP directors do not believe your illness can be cured.

You have no obligation to order Only One after you have tried the sample and determined that your problem would not go away with our energy.

We would like to hear from you after the trial, regardless of your decision to order Only One.

If you have had good results from this trial, order Only One. Note that the price
and effective period of the real Only One will be different from the trial version.

Use-to fight illness
*Both are effective for 45days.
Only One for Trial-to be liberated from adverse circumstances
This energy works just like the one for illness. In order to create sample energy,
we would appreciate your giving us as much detailed information from you as possible.
liberated from adverse circumstances
*Both are effective for 45days.
Only One
The energy created on order just for you to solve your particular problem.
Be sure to try Only One for Trial Use before ordering this energy.

Nopal should be eaten within one month. The audio medium is effective for 3 months.

Inform us of your progress when you place an order for the renewal of your energy.
We will modify your energy at each renewal based on your report.

Nopal as a medium: \10,000
Audio medium (MP3 or CD-R): \30,000.
The energy is good for 3 months.
Use-to fight illness
liberated from adverse circumstances

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