Pendulum & Energy "Interlock"
(Pendulums made of crystals and power stones as the media)
A tool to listen to the Vast Consciousness.
An ETP director will remotely install Interlock energy in it.
This is a pendulum by which you can hear and understand a message from the
Vast Consciousness by the way it swings.
We "gunconsciously" swing a pendulum by delicately moving our finger muscles.
Because each of our unconsciousness is connected to the Vast Consciousness,
where all human wisdom is condensed,
we can derive an answer to any of our problems, not through thoughts,
but through unconsciousness.

In a mormal situation, however, our wrong beliefs, imprinting, and education block
our connection to the Vast Consciousness, thereby the inspiration we receive from it
becomes blurry, hidden, or incomprehensible.

Each of these pendulums is made of crystal or other power stones. They come in various
shapes and sizes, and unfortunately they are a little expensive. As a cheaper alternative,
a Japanese five-yen coin hung with a thread is known to do an equally good job.

However, we paid particular attention to crystal, which is considered powerful everywhere
in the world and throughout time. In fact, crystal and other power stones possess the ability
to purify things and to eliminate negative energy.

The pendulum you have purchased will be installed with Interlock energy by an ETP director
for more effective use.

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