The ETP Association strives to serve society through the improvement of management ability, intelligence and human relationships, to help serve the development of human ability, and to provide care for a healthier mind and spirit.

-The Profile of the Representative, Yoshitaka Nakama-

Born in Fukuoka Prefecture in 1945, he moved to Argentina in 1951 and returned to Japan in 1958. He has been living in Osaka since then. He graduated from the Department of Civil Engineering, Osaka Institute of Technology. In 1973, he established Kabushiki Kaisha Kansai Matsushin*, a wholesale food and import/export trading company. When he was a manager for his university Karate club, he accepted many Mexicans because of his ability in Spanish, and taught them Karate and Japanese culture. In 2001 he established ETP Company Limited*, and since January 2010, he has been promoting this Association overseas.

<<History of His Energy Experience>>

He paid no attention to the invisible world until he turned 42 years old, when he experienced a major life crisis and learned to use energy to overcome it through many inexplicable experiences. He started to be interested in energy, and has been studying and training since then. In 1987 he joined TDE. He later became a regular board director of Perfect Harmony (PH) Study Group, the president of Kabushiki Kaisha PH, and the Kansai Chapter representative of the PH Study Group. He resigned from the PH Study Group and established the ETP Association in 2002. He has been the representative of the Association since then.


--Akio Hayakawa--

Born in Kagoshima Prefecture in 1958, he is a pharmacist who has been engaged in product development at a Chinese medicine company. He learned the art of Qigong, and after joining TDE, became a Director at ETP and provides guidance. He is a director of the Scientific Investigation Office at Kohkan Pharmaceutical Institute, Co., Ltd. Graduating from the Department of Pharmaceutical Science, Kinki University, his area of research has mainly been herbal and Chinese medicine, and he has authored many articles. He provides scientific views on risk information of medication, such as toxicity and side effects, and endeavors to promote a correct knowledge of medication. He is a lecturer for the training course of food health advisors at the Japan Health Food & Nutrition Food Association, he is also being an advisor and a member of the Study Committee at the Japan Supplement Association.

-He is the author of the following books:

Kiku Kanpoyaku, Abunai Kanpoyaku, Mudana Kanpoyaku (Effective Chinese Medicine, Dangerous Chinese Medicine, and Useless Chinese Medicine). Yell Books. (co-authored) Sapurimento to Eiyo Kanri (Supplement and Nutrition Management). Japan Medical Planning. (co-authored) Sapuriment Kenko Baiburu (Supplement health Bible). Shogakukan, Inc. (editor)


--Yoshikazu Kitagawa--

He was born in Osaka in 1958. After graduating from Osaka Electro-Communication University, he attended Kansai Harikyu Jusei Senmon Gakko (Kansai School of Acupuncture, Moxibustion and Chiropractics). He currently runs a healing clinic, Harmony Life Salon. He is a qualified acupuncturist, moxa-cauterizer, masseur, electrician, analog type II installation technician, hazardous materials (flammable liquid) handler, large-sized vehicle driver, motorcycle driver, etc. He is a board member of the non-profit organization of visiting nurses, Yuuzu, the chairman of the Association of Higashiyodogawa Ward Volunteers and NPOs*, and the secretary of the Higashiyodogawa Ward 'Mottainai' Network*. Website:


--Toshitaka Nakasato --

He works at Shinigakuryouhou Research Academy in Nagasaki. He views human beings as the integration of three elements: body, mind, and spirit, he is devoted to the development of new healing methods which are safe, easy and quickly effective. He offers the following techniques: provision of energy chiropractics by Super Qi Adjustment, healing by remote therapy, the New Counseling Method, regressive hypnotism (inner child, previous life, future life, guardian god, body-spirit separation), Reiki, TFT (Thought Field Therapy), TDE, ETP, etc. He offers Tenkai Seminars to interested individuals.


--Seiji Suganohara--

He was born in Osaka in 1948. After graduating from the Department of Mechanical Engineering, School of Engineering Science, Osaka University, he has been working for a major Japanese company and learned about the world, simultaneously comparing Japanese culture to other global cultures, through many overseas working experiences. He reached the ETP energy technology while researching so-called mysterious phenomena and various religious techniques from the viewpoint of physics. He has been active at the front line of his industry, including R&D, engineering, technology management, and management planning. In particular, he led his corporate division to the top position in the world, as a management planner in the field of flat panel display. Currently he is considering resigning from his job at his present company so that he can be solely engaged in his work at ETP. While working at the company, he has been giving lectures as a leader to the Japanese members of ETP, and has been publishing daily columns in his website Yose Karuta. He is planning to pick up Japanological topics from among his columns and publish their translations one at a time for overseas members.


--Sara Suzuki--

Born in 1967 and majoring in English literature at university, she is now a web designer. She is also a professional reader of Tarot cards, which developed from a hobby. She has broad interest in, and extensive knowledge of, a number of different areas, from traditional Japanese culture -such as flower arrangement, tea ceremony and pottery,- to Indian dance, the spiritual world of power stones, the Mayan calendar, and meditation.

 She abandoned city life a few years ago and now enjoys a life in an old house in the mountains near Kyoto. She is engaged in Tarot reading and distance healing for our members through telephone communication. Please visit her blog through the ETP website link.   


--Shingo Honda--

Born in 1974, he met our representative Mr. Nakama and joined ETP. Presently he provides his services as a managing staff member of our Association. He is also a businessman in the area of sales at a company that offers market planning services to various companies with the latest GIS (Geographic Information System) technology.

His company website ( provides great hints to those people who are engaged in company management. Feel free to send him a inquiry about his business even from overseas. He is always very happy to answer any questions and share his insights with other Association members.